#MyFamilyAdventures – February / Février


With February coming to a close, it is time for the second instalment of my monthly round-up on #MyFamilyAdventures

The shortest month started with a fantastic week back home in France, and ended on Pancake Tuesday with a mountain of crêpes, so quite a French flavour running through it. It only took a few days with their French grand-parents and cousins to bring the acorns’ bilingualism to the next level, and revive their appetite in all things French.

There were also the mid-term break, the first signs of spring, and many new things learnt. Squirrel learnt to ski, started swimming, and got on his bike, all over the course of ten days! Mermaid took her first online guitar lesson. Jedi hungrily finished the first Harry Potter book, becoming in the process a bona fide reader. 

My, has this month flown by fast!

Pancake Tuesday, Mardi Gras, pancake, crêpe

Février vient de se terminer, alors le moment est venu pour mon second récapitulatif mensuel sur #MyFamilyAdventures.

Le mois le plus court de l’année s’est ouvert sur une semaine fantastique en Haute-Loire, pour s’achever à Mardi Gras sous une montagne de crêpes. Ce fut un peu notre mois de la France.

Il a suffi de quelques jours avec leurs grands-parents et leurs cousins et cousines pour que le français des graines de chêne passe à la vitesse supérieure, ravivant au passage leur appétit pour toutes choses françaises.

Il y eut aussi les vacances de février, les premiers signes du printemps et plein de nouveaux apprentissages. En moins de dix jours, Ecureuil a appris à skier, à nager et à faire du vélo ! Sirène a pris sa première leçon de guitare en ligne. Et Jedi a dévoré le premier livre de Harry Potter et s’est découvert au passage une passion pour la lecture.

Le mois s’est écoulé à une telle vitesse !

Ravins de Corbœuf

… where the acorns thought we were walking through a painting.

Read this / A lire  Have yourself an outdoorsy little Christmas

… où les graines de chêne ont cru marcher dans un tableau d’artiste.

ravins de Corboeuf, Rosières, Hute-Loire, Auvergne, France, géologie, argile, badlands


They’re skiing! / Ils skient !

… how the acorns and their cousins taught themselves how to ski.

… comment les graines de chêne et leurs cousins et cousines ont appris à skier tout seuls.


Let’s plant some trees / Allons planter des arbres

… when the acorns volunteered with the Native Woodland Trust of Ireland to create a new native forest.

… quand les graines de chêne se sont joints aux bénévoles du Native Woodland Trust pour créer une nouvelle forêt indigène.

Native Woodland Trust, tree planting event, Ireland, Wicklow, Laragh, oak, tree



… when the acorns met up with other outdoors-minded children to explore the wonderful gardens of Kilmacurragh.

… quand les graines de chêne sont partis avec d’autres enfants explorateurs à la découverte des merveilleux jardins de Kilmacurragh.

Kilmacurragh, Wicklow, Ireland, Irlande, botanic garden, jardin botanique, free-range kids


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8 Responses to “#MyFamilyAdventures – February / Février

  • Sounds like a lovely French month. We had pancakes too. How lovely for your children to be bilingual #myfamilyadventures

  • I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to try skiing – hoping she might be able to give it a little try next season – if her feet grow enough over the summer for the smallest size of ski boot! #AWanderfulChildhood

    • Skiing is so much fun. Our oldest was 3.5 when he first tried, and it didn’t make a strong impression at the time. I have found that waiting until they are 4 or 5 is better, when they are stronger and better coordinated.
      Thank you for your comment!

  • You’re adventures always look so much fun. I love all the new experiences and wow those crepes look good enough to eat. Thank you so much for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures

  • What a lovely month of adventures and where better to be on pancake day than ready to dig in to those crepes! #awanderfulchildhood

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