#MySundayPhoto – Dandelions / Pissenlits

dandelion, pissenlit, fidget spinner

Yesterday the acorns came up with a new use for their fidget spinners – giving dandelion clocks a hairstyle! Needless to say, all of their “customers” ended up bald! 

Hier, les graines de chêne ont découvert un nouvel usage pour leurs fidget spinners (roulements en acier à haute vitesse qui envahissent les cours de récré) : coiffer les pissenlits ! Inutile de préciser que tous leurs “clients” se sont retrouvés la boule à zéro !

dandelion, pissenlit, fidget spinnerdandelion, pissenlit, fidget spinner dandelion, pissenlit, fidget spinner dandelion, pissenlit, fidget spinner dandelion, pissenlit, fidget spinner dandelion, pissenlit, fidget spinner



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15 Responses to “#MySundayPhoto – Dandelions / Pissenlits

  • Gorgeous photos! And an inventive use of the spinner. I’ve been hearing loads about them but I’ve never actually seem one in action. #MySundayPhoto

    • Ha lucky you! Fidget spinners don’t do much really, they spin and that’s it. But for some reason I don’t quite understand, they’ve become all the rage with kids the world over. Go figure!
      Thanks for popping over 🙂

  • They’re everywhere at the moment – that’s a new use to me. Haha. Lovely picture to close the post #MySundayPhoto

  • Ha, so they’ve taken over your house too

    Thank you for linking up

  • They are some beautiful photos of your little ones. And so nice that you manage to get a nice one of all four of them at the end. All the photos of me and my siblings as children have at least one of us pulling a face, blinking, or hitting someone else!


    • You have no idea how many shots it takes to get a half decent picture of the four of them! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • My son wants one of those fidget spinners! But its so pricey for my budget. These are lovely photos. I love the lights and the focus =) #livingarrows

    • Thank you Merlinda! The cheapest fidget spinners are €5 here in Ireland, but it’s very hard to find them. They sell out as soon as they hit the shelves!

  • Fidget spinners are everywhere aren’t they!? Loving this new use of them! x

  • Fidget spinners – I learned about these on Friday and have a request to find a pink one!!

  • Another set of beautiful photos! I love dandelion clocks too. There is something magical about them. My favourite is the black and white shot, such a lovely moment captured. Thank you for joining me on #PointShoot

  • Awesome photos! #LivingArrows

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