Hot chocolate on a cold beach / Chocolat chaud sur la plage


This weekend we drove down to the seashore for a winter beach mini adventure. It was one of those stunning winter days – cold, crisp and sunny, with only the lightest breeze blowing over the Irish Sea, and the golden sunlight quickly setting in the bright blue sky.

In the car were a bag full of beach toys and the Kelly kettle. Since our wild camping trip in a tipi, when the acorns took on the responsibility of firing it, we have become huge fans of this smart yet simple (and Irish made!) piece of outdoor gear.

On hitting the coarse sand, the acorns immediately grabbed their shovels to dig out a sizeable square pit that would shelter us from the chilly breeze.

Ce weekend, nous sommes descendus à la plage pour une mini aventure d’hiver. C’était une de ces splendides journées hivernales, au froid sec et mordant sous un ciel d’azur, avec une brise légère soufflant de la mer d’Irlande, et la lumière dorée du soleil baissant rapidement à l’horizon.

Dans la voiture, un sac plein de jouets de plage et la bouilloire Kelly Kettle. Depuis notre weekend de bivouac sous un tipi, quand les graines de chêne se sont chargé de l’allumer, nous sommes devenus des fans invétérés de cet outil simple et pratique (et made in Irlande !).

Dès que leurs pieds dûment bottés foulèrent le sable humide, les graines de chêne se saisirent de leurs pelles en plastique pour creuser un grand carré qui nous abriteraient de la brise glaciale.

four-children-digging-beach-dark-sand-winter-sunlight four-children-digging-beach-winter-sunlight boy-red-raingear-digging-sand-beach-sunlight boy-beach-digging-winter-sunlight-bauble-hat man-beach-standing-square-dugout-pit-winter

The dugout pit was soon completed so it was time to fire the Kelly kettle. Using our trusty FireSteel striker and cotton wool as tinder, Squirrel quickly got the fire started in the kettle’s base, and Brian threw twigs and sticks over the timid flames. Ironically we had to bring some firewood as the beach is devoid of any fuel!

A few minutes later Brian shared out the boiling water between our six camping cups. The acorns interrupted their games for some biscuits and what would have been the best hot chocolate in the world, had I remembered to pack some sugar to sweeten it!

Une fois le trou dans le sable achevé, il fut temps d’allumer la Kelly Kettle. A l’aide de notre fidèle briquet FireSteel et avec du coton en guise d’amadou, Ecureuil démarra le feu dans la base de la bouilloire, puis Brian jeta sur les flammes timides bâtons et brindilles. Ironie du sort, il fallut apporter du bois à brûler car la plage en est totalement dépourvue !

Quelques minutes plus tard, Brian versa l’eau bouillante dans nos six tasses en émail. Les graines de chêne interrompirent leurs jeux le temps de grignoter quelques biscuits et de boire ce qui aurait été le meilleur chocolat chaud du monde, si seulement j’avais pensé à apporter du sucre !

father-son-beach-prepare-kelly-kettle father-son-firesteel-kelly-kettlefather-son-beach-pit-firing-kelly-kettle fire-bowl-kelly-kettle-beach father-son-feeding-fire-kelly-kettle man-feeding-fire-kelly-kettle kelly-kettle-beach-enamel-cups-background man-sitting-rock-kelly-kettle-six-white-cups-sand-beach pouring-hot-water-kelly-kettle-cups-hot-chocolate four-children-beach-drinking-hot-chocolate-white-cups boy-bauble-star-hat-drinking-white-enamel-cup

By then the winter sun had already gone down behind us, and the beach immediately felt colder.

This winter beach adventure may well turn into a new family ritual to rival summer’s pizza on the sand – hot chocolate on a cold beach!

Le soleil rasant avait baissé, laissant dans l’ombre la plage qui se refroidit immédiatement.

Cette mini aventure d’hiver pourrait bien devenir une nouvelle tradition familiale, similaire à notre pizza sur le sable de l’été : chocolat chaud sur la plage froide !


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16 Responses to “Hot chocolate on a cold beach / Chocolat chaud sur la plage

  • This looks & sounds like a lot of fun – who doesn’t love a good old hot chocolate during winter!

  • Hot chocolate on the beach sounds like the perfect winter activity, I bet making them in the Kelly Kettle makes it even better. The kids look like they really stuck into making you the dugout to protect you from the windchill. The kids look like they loved their little beach adventure together, I’m sure they’ll all be begging to go back and do it again soon.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  • Hot Chocolate on the beach is the best winter activity, my lot love it, although they don’t usually make the hot chocolates themselves. The Kelly Kettle looks amazing, I bet you’re going to get loads of use out of that throughout your adventures. The kids look like they loved the challenge of making you all the windproof dugout, they look so focused.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  • There is nothing better than hot chocolate! So glad you are enjoying your kelly kettle, and maybe you will become an addict like us!! #countrykids

  • We sometimes visit the beach out of season because living in North Devon the beaches are too crowded during the summer months, we just wrap up in warm clothes #familyfun@_karendennis

  • Wow – this looks idyllic. What a lovely thing to do on a cold winter’s day. You can’t beat a trip to the beach at any time of year. Gorgeous pics xx #familyfunlinky

  • awww this sounds wonderful and looks idyllic what a fabulous day!
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

  • That sounds like so much fun for the kids to enjoy. i love seaside trips at this time of year #CountryKids

  • You had me at ‘hot chocolate on a cold beach’. This sounds like our perfect Sunday morning when we sometimes take our backpacking stove to the beach for a sunrise breakfast. I love your Kelly Kettle. I’ve never used one but they sound great. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling . I hope you can again tomorrow.

  • It’s a lovely idea. Nice to do something a bit special out of season for the whole family #countrykids

  • What a brilliant family adventure. Sometimes the simple things are the best! I’m very jealous of your kelly kettle, think that may have to be a family purchase for next year. I’m a massive fan of a hot drink on a cold day, the perfect way to spend a winter’s day. Thanks for sharing with us #AdventureCalling

  • Hot chocolate on a the beach is my idea of heaven. This post just shows that the seaside can be enjoyed at any time of year. #countrykids

  • We could do with a Kelly Kettle and off to hunt one down. Looks like you guys enjoyed that hot chocolate! #CountryKids #FamilyFun #ExplorerKids x

  • Oh wow, I’ve never had hot chocolate on the beach before but now I feel like really need to, looks like a brilliant day out.
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

  • Hi, Annette! This is a really inspirational post. Sounds like a new family tradition came to life. it really looks like you had a great time. I was wondering, how you dressed your kids for a winter day on a beach?

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