Bluebells in Kilbroney Park / Jacinthes des bois à Kilbroney Park


Just when I started to think we wouldn’t see any bluebells this year, we came across this meadow in Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor, Co Down, Northern Ireland.

Funny how we saw bluebells last spring on our Easter road trip in a campervan, and they were in full bloom a whole month earlier than this year.

While Brian watched the rugby Champions Cup final in a pub, the acorns and I went for a gentle stroll around Kilbroney Park. (We were staying overnight in Rostrevor before our guided family walk in the Mournes the next day with Every Treasure.)

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Juste comme je commençais à désespérer de voir des jacinthes des bois cette année, nous sommes tombés sur cette clairière à Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor, Co Down, en Irlande du Nord.

Nous avions vu des jacinthes des bois l’an dernier lors de notre périple de Pâques en camping-car, et elles étaient en pleine floraison un mois plus tôt que cette année.

Pendant que Brian regardait au pub la finale de la Coupe des Champions de rugby, les graines de chêne et moi avons déambulé dans le parc de Kilbroney. Nous passions la nuit à Rostrevor avant la randonnée guidée dans les Mournes le lendemain, avec Every Treasure.

Kilbroney Park

Oak bark / Ecorce de chêne


Picking cleavers to make “sticky back water”, a recipe learnt on a guided foraging walk two years ago /
Cueillette de gratterons pour en parfumer de l’eau, une recette découverte lors d’une cueillette guidée il y a deux ans.



Bluebells / Jacinthes des bois


bluebells-kilbroney-rostrevor-meadow-may-spring bluebells-kilbroney-rostrevor-meadow-may-spring bluebells-kilbroney-rostrevor-meadow-may-spring bluebells-kilbroney-rostrevor-meadow-may-spring


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5 Responses to “Bluebells in Kilbroney Park / Jacinthes des bois à Kilbroney Park

  • Oh I love that tree bark photo. I just love the pattern and texture, it would make a beautiful rubbing. You have many beautiful shots here but I love the one where you’ve caught the kids deep in conversation on the log, it’s so natural. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

    • Thank you Catie for the lovely comment! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing bluebells… 🙂

  • Always a joy to be transported on your nature walks. I also love your foraging post that I clicked onto after wondering what sticky back water. Brill post!

    • Thank you so much Mainy. Sticky back water is very easy to make. Pick a handful of cleavers, seep them in cold spring water overnight, drink. It’s supposed to taste somewhat like cucumber water, but my chief forager (i.e. Mermaid my daughter) didn’t like it.

  • Bluebells are a joy to witness in the Spring. #PointShoot

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