#MySundayPhoto – May Day flowers / Fleurs du 1er mai

wild garlic, ail des ours, Killruddery, May Day,1er mai, Wicklow Ireland, Irlande

For May Day in France, people traditionally give away lilies-of-the-valley, as the fragrant bell-shaped white flowers seem to herald the start of the sunny season. 

For May Day last week, the acorns took their French cousins and grandmother to Killruddery House & Gardens, Co Wicklow. This is my niece M running through a carpet of wild garlic, whose delicate little white flowers, although as pretty as a lily, give off an altogether different, and unmistakably pungent fragrance!

Pour le 1er mai en France, on donne traditionnellement des brins de muguet, dont les petites clochettes blanches parfumées semblent marquer l’arrivée des beaux jours.

Pour le 1er mai la semaine dernière, les graines de chêne ont emmené leurs cousines et leur mamie françaises au domaine de Killruddery, Co Wicklow. Voici ma nièce M traversant en courant un parterre d’ail des ours, dont les délicates fleurs blanches, bien qu’aussi jolies que du muguet, dégagent une toute autre odeur, nettement plus aillée !




6 Responses to “#MySundayPhoto – May Day flowers / Fleurs du 1er mai

  • What a beautiful scene – I bet it smells very different to how it looks though!

    • Thanks Victoria! Wild garlic is one of the scents of spring here in Ireland, and I actually quite like it!

  • I have this vision and smell of a beautiful meadow but I bet it smells so different.

    Thank you for linking up

  • Such a beautiful photo. I don’t think you can beat photos pic purr children running in flowers. We had lots of poppies and wildflowers in bloom, must get some photos of the children whilst they are still here!

    • Thank you Andrea! There seems to be flowers everywhere in Ireland at the moment, what a stunning time of year. The shot that still eludes me though, is of one of my kids in a bluebells woodland 😉

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