#MySundayPhoto – Sticks / Bâtons

A stick is just a stick, right? Unless it is a horse, or a pole for a den, or Harry Potter’s broomstick, of course! Just read the magical Not A Stick, and you’ll see!

For the acorns, the humble stick is the must-have accessory of every forest outing, and the best toy ever.

Un bâton est juste un bâton, non ? A moins que ce soit un cheval, un piquet pour une cabane, ou le balai de Harry Potter !

Quoi qu’il en soit, l’humble bâton est l’accessoire indispensable à toute sortie en forêt, et le meilleur jouet du monde !


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11 Responses to “#MySundayPhoto – Sticks / Bâtons

  • Sticks really are a magical and free addition to any walk with kids, they spark imagination. Sticks can also help you remember fantastic walks as you can turn them into memory sticks. I love the shot of what I can only guess is Harry Potter’s Broomstick, the smile show how much fun it is!

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  • Mine can come up with all sorts of adventures with sticks, these look like they were put to good use!

  • We love sticks too. So much fun to be had with a stick. #countrykids

  • Your little Acorns are great mini adventurers! We love sticks too, such wonderful tools and toys for outdoor kids, they really inspire the imagination. WE have a backyard full of sticks and logs of all sizes. Only trouble is we have a car and camper van full too!! #CountryKids

    • Our car and back garden are full of sticks that they insist on bringing home, and forget about the minute they get in the car!

  • Great photos! We all use sticks all the time as wands and broomsticks! #CountryKids x

  • Lovely photos! Kids have the most amazing minds. Can make sticks into something. My son is never without a stick too on out trips outside =)


  • Hehe we seem to have our own collection of sticks which my daughter keeps bringing home from school and whenever we are out and about. #CountryKids

  • Loved the photos. Kids got some really funky sticks.

  • I love these photos! There is something so magical about a stick to a child isn’t there? #CountryKids

  • Wow, that’s one big stick they’ve got in some of those pictures! More like a whole branch Love it! x #CountryKids

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