Legoland + CPH

Six years on from our departure, we went back to Denmark and wonderful Copenhagen.

Tickets to Legoland Billund were our present to Lego-mad Jedi for his 10th birthday. 

On Saturday we flew from Dublin to Copenhagen, then drove the 2.5-hour journey to Billund in a hired car. That first night, we stayed in lovely Gregersminde B&B.

On Sunday morning, we headed straight out to Legoland, a mere 3km away, for the start of our action-packed two-day package deal, which included one night at Hotel Legoland, by far the best family hotel we’ve ever stayed in.

On Monday evening, we stayed again at Gregersminde B&B, before heading to Copenhagen the next morning, for a walk down memory lane.

Wonderful Copenhagen

On arriving there, we had a quick picnic on Charlottenlund beach. We then drove north on Strandvejen (i.e. the coast road) all the way to Vedbæk. Soon, Squirrel fell asleep in the car. 

Coming back towards Copenhagen, we swung by the lovely house in Hellerup where we lived for two years, before heading into town and the Østerbro area, where we spent one year in a beautiful apartment.

After having ice cream from Paradis on Østerbrogade, we made our way through the centre to Danhostel Copenhagen City. Our family room was on the 15th floor of the tower, one of the few in central Copenhagen. Needless to say, the views over the city were stupendous.

On Wednesday morning, we went back to Østerbro, on the promise that the children could try the traffic school playground, where Mermaid learnt how to pedal when she was only 20 months old.

In Fælledsparken, the play areas have changed a great deal in six years. The acorns first jumped and bounced on the trampolines for a good while, before moving on to the eagerly awaited traffic school (traffiklegepladsen). There, the park warden handed them two balance bikes and two pedal bikes, so they could go cycling around the streets of the playground, complete with traffic lights and roundabouts.

‘I think Mummy and Daddy really liked this place,’ Mermaid whispered in Jedi’s ear on the way to the airport.

It felt good being back in Viking land.


Six ans après notre déménagement, nous sommes retournés au Danemark et à Copenhague.

Pour son dixième anniversaire, nous avions offert à Jedi un séjour à Legoland Billund.

Le samedi, nous avons pris l’avion pour Copenhague, avant de rallier Billund, à deux heures et demie de route, en voiture de location. Pour cette première nuit, nous avions réservé un studio meublé à Gregersminde B&B.

Le lendemain matin, départ pour Legoland, à 3 km de là, pour le début de nos deux jours bien remplis sur le parc, y compris une nuit au fantastique Hotel Legoland.

Le lundi soir, nous sommes retournés à Gregersminde B&B, avant de partir pour Copenhague le mardi matin.

Retour à Copenhague

En arrivant dans la capitale, nous sommes allés pique-niquer sur la plage de Charlottenlund. Puis nous avons continué plus au nord de Copenhague, sur Strandvejen (la route côtière), jusqu’à Vedbæk. Ecureuil s’endormit bientôt dans la voiture. 

Redescendant vers Copenhague, nous sommes passés devant la jolie maison de Hellerup que nous avons habitée pendant deux ans. Puis nous sommes allés en ville, dans le quartier d’Østerbro, où nous avons vécu pendant un an dans un élégant appartement.

Après avoir mangé une glace de Paradis, sur Østerbrogade, nous avons traversé le centre-ville pour rejoindre l’auberge Danhostel Copenhagen City. Notre chambre familiale était au quinzième étage de la tour, une des rares dans le centre de Copenhague. Inutile de préciser que la vue sur la ville était époustouflante.

Le mercredi matin, nous sommes retournés à Østerbro, où les enfants voulaient essayer “l’école de conduite” du parc Fælledsparken. C’est là que Sirène a appris à pédaler, quand elle avait tout juste 20 mois.

Les aires de jeux ont changé considérablement en six ans. D’abord, les graines de chêne ont sauté et bondi à qui mieux mieux sur les trampolines, avant de se diriger vers “l’école de conduite” (traffiklegepladsen). 

Là, le gardien du parc leur a prêté un vélo chacun (des draisiennes pour Ecureuil et Caillou), pour qu’ils puissent rouler sur les petites routes de l’aire de jeux, équipée de feux tricolores et même d’un rond-point !

“Je crois que Maman et Daddy aimaient vraiment beaucoup cet endroit…” murmura Sirène à l’oreille de Jedi, sur le chemin de l’aéroport.

Il a fait bon être de retour en terre viking.


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  • This sounds like a wonderful day out, my son desperately wants to go to Legoland X #triumphanttales

  • That sounds like a lovely trip! I love the pictures. 🙂

  • So fun! We love LEGO in our home, and have been to the Legoland here in Southern California. I’d much rather go to the one in Denmark tho… Happy Birthday to Jedi! #farawayfiles

  • We went to Legoland in the UK last weekend for my kids birthdays. Isn’t it fantastic! Love Copenhagen too, we played with Erin’s daughter in Fælledparken. What a lovely holiday Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  • We love Lego in our house. Our upstairs landing is covered in the boys’ creations! I was hugely disappointed with Legoland in the UK – it was all about the rides rather than the Lego and just so crowded. Perhaps we’d enjoy it more in the home of Lego itself! Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  • This looks fab. My little man loves Lego & I just know he’d really enjoy this. Thank you for sharing this at #TriumphantTales. Hope to see you again on Tuesday

  • We’ve a friend out in Denmark whom we’d like to see again and this makes us think a combination of seeing them and a Legoland adventure could be perfect. Merci pour partager. #FarawayFiles

  • Is it possible to feel nostalgia for a place that you haven’t moved away from yet? What a magical Danish reunion. Thanks for sharing with #FarawayFiles, cheers from Østerbro!

  • Hey, thanks for the review, it really helped! We are planning on visiting later this year but only for 1 day, is that enough time? How long would it take us to get thru the majority of the park, without the water park? We will have 2 adults and an 11 year old so we might be able to move a little faster. Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah! Even though Legoland Billund is on the small side, one day is really not much time to make the most of it. Besides I believe it is closed in winter – when exactly are you planning to go?

  • Very nice video and also good photos. I cannot forget these photos and memories. I wish you all the best and God help you

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