Is it spring yet ? / C’est bientôt le printemps ?

Most of you think it’s April.
But it is actually the 96th of January.

Anyone else tired of this seemingly endless winter? I came across this funny meme on social media yesterday, just as Ireland was being hit by yet another storm.

Is it spring yet? Bare trees, soggy ground and bulging rivers – it feels like the weather gods didn’t get the memo this year!

Case in point – Lough Bray Lower, Co Wicklow, last Sunday, which happened to be my birthday.

The car temperature gauge indicated a measly 7 degrees and waves of drizzle engulfed the Wicklow Mountains in a thick mist. It was the seventh consecutive day without seeing the sun. For all I know, it could have been November… Hard to take for mid April but the acorns had a lovely mini adventure all the same #whatevertheweather.

“Vous croyez être en avril, mais c’est en fait le 96 janvier !”

Qui d’autre en a ras-le-bol de cet hiver sans fin ? Cette citation est apparue hier sur les réseaux sociaux juste comme une énième tempête balayait l’Irlande.

C’est bientôt le printemps ? Des arbres aux branches nues, le sol gorgé d’eau et des rivières gonflées de pluie : on dirait que les dieux de la météo n’ont pas reçu la notice cette année !

Prenez par exemple notre sortie de dimanche (jour de mon anniversaire) à Lough Bray Lower, Co Wicklow.

Le thermomètre de la voiture indiquait 7°C et des vagues de bruine engloutissaient les monts de Wicklow dans une brume épaisse. C’était aussi le septième jour consécutif sans voir le soleil. On aurait tout aussi bien pu se trouver au mois de novembre… Dur dur pour la mi-avril, mais les graines de chêne ont quand même sauté sur l’occasion d’une mini aventure pleine nature #partouslestemps.


  Country Kids


9 Responses to “Is it spring yet ? / C’est bientôt le printemps ?

  • It sounds very comparable to the weather here in Wales at the moment – we’ve had a thick for well over a week now, with one evening that teased us with a hint of blue sky; that was nice though.

    Whatever the weather, you’re out enjoying it anyway, but I do wish some sunshine your way.

  • What a beautiful location for a mini adventure. We are fortunate that in Holland spring is blooming around us. The sun has made a welcome appearance this week too! It makes a huge difference Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

  • What a beautiful set of pictures — must have been very fun! #pointshoot xox

  • It may not have been beautiful weather but they are beautiful photos! The mist adds to the atmosphere and while it must have been cold, for youngsters on the move and playing like this I bet they hardly even noticed. The colours do look more like November than April but I’m hoping since you have seen the same blast of summer sun that we have and it has totally transformed the farm here in just 4 days. I love their happy faces and warming hats, fingers crossed for t shirts and sun hats next though!

  • It’s fantastic that you are able to get out in all weathers and it certainly doesn’t look like the weather has a bearing on the kids fun. #PointShoot

  • Love that 96th January comment, it really did feel like that this year. Thank goodness for this last weekend of sunshine. And well done on getting those wild kids outdoors despite the dreary weather! #CountryKids

  • This is just the sort of weather that we’ve been having, but we seem to have finally turned a corner and the last few days have been lovely. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Gorgeous photos, the weather doesn’t seem to have dampened spirits, and the mist is beautiful. #countrykids

  • This looks like a great outing indeed, despite the weather! At least we’ve had a little taste of summer now, since then. Finally some real spring weather! Happy belated birthday x

  • Your photos always make me want to book a flight to Ireland despite the grim weather! I hope spring reaches you soon. #countrykids

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